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The Liberal Arts

students on garment district field tripFACT: Some of the coolest courses you will ever take won't be in your major.

Liberal arts can take you from the bright side (Color and Light) to the dark side (Crime Scene Chemistry) and everywhere in between. You'll discover the big city (Art in New York), the big picture (Issues in the Humanities and Technology), and big ideas (Intro to Western Philosophy). See your major in new ways (Geometry and the Art of Design, Issues in the Humanities and Technology) or delve into challenging issues (Sex Roles, Marriage, and Family in Transition, Religion and Religious Dissent in American History)—and grow in ways you never imagined.

All FIT BS degree programs require a generous portion of liberal arts—because you can’t be an educated person without them. They enrich and inspire you and make you a better citizen and a better employee, because in today’s complicated world, you need to know about more than just your job. And once you’ve gained that deeper knowledge, broader perspective, and ability to think critically, they’re yours for life.

Love Your Liberal Arts

  • Read great books, write poems or screenplays—or at least a grade-A paper.
  • Learn another language (do it—today everything’s global!).
  • Understand world cultures (see above).
  • Take Informal Logic: A Guide to Clear Thinking (no explanation necessary).
  • Be a more interesting person and live a fuller life. Really.

Consider the Presidential Scholars Honors Program if you’re a highly motivated, academically gifted student. High school students should apply in the fall of their senior year.

Some of your liberal arts courses will also fulfill the SUNY General Education requirements.

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