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RESTART: ? See FIT’s COVID-19-related plans and guidelines for fall and spring campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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New Friends: Precollege Programs is a perfect way for students to meet new, like-minded friends who share the same passions. Students participate from all over the country and the world and may just meet their future classmate, roommate, or career colleague!  Enrolled students can also join the private, FIT Precollege Facebook group where they can connect with new friends before classes even begin. Students will be invited to join by email shortly after they enroll.

Current Friends: If students wish to enroll with a friend we strongly encourage them to register together as soon as online registration becomes available. Make sure everyone selects the same class section (i.e. 55A, 55B, 55C etc). If for some reason a class becomes full, try another section or choose another class with availability. We are unable to add students to a course that is closed or full. 

Also note that all Precollege classes start and end at the same time, and students share a common lunch hour, so if students are in different sections they can still meet for lunch and commute together.

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