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RESTART: ? See FIT’s COVID-19-related plans and guidelines for fall and spring campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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Moving Out

RESIDENTS MUST VACATE by 5:00 p.m. on on Wednesday, November 25th


Closing Procedures

  1. Fill out the Closing Form sent to your FIT email address to inform us of you move-out plan.
  2. If you need to use the back parking lot or need a guest to assist you, wait until you get a confirmation email from Residential Life about your assigned time slot.
  3. Once you are ready to leave the halls for the last time, move all of your belongings out of your room and turn in your room key to the dropbox in the lobby of your building.
  4. Log into your MyHousing account and on the home page click “Complete Express Check Out” and follow the prompts on the next page.

Traffic gridlock in NYC increases as we approach the holidays. If you plan on staying until 11/25, we encourage you to take advantage of your weekend time slot to move out the majority of your belongings and keep only essential items that you need for the duration of your stay until 11/25. 

DO NOT LEAVE CARS UNATTENDED. Please note that N.Y.C. will tow & ticket unattended cars on the Street.

  • All rooms must be left in clean condition (broom swept, floors mopped, etc.).
  • All personal items should be placed above floor level
  • Students in suites must not unplug refrigerators.
  • All windows must be closed securely and blinds pulled down.
  • All unwanted items and garbage must be discarded by residents.
  • Any items or garbage remaining after a resident withdraws or switches rooms will be disposed of by FIT maintenance staff at the resident’s expense (including items left in public areas). Residents in suites are responsible for cleaning the refrigerator, stove, kitchen cabinets/sink and bath/shower/bathroom areas.

PLEASE NOTE: If your room is not left in “move-in condition”, you will be charged a cleaning fee determined by FIT’s maintenance department. If items are left in rooms after you have checked out, you may be charged for summer housing.


See posted signs on your floor for the times/dates where carts and bins will be available for residents to check-out


Two weeks prior to departure, contact individuals, companies and subscriptions with your forwarding address. Supply the mailroom with enough forwarding labels (8 ? x 11 sheet) to last for 30 days. Once labels are used, all mail will be returned to sender. Mail is forwarded for a maximum of 30 days.

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