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RESTART FALL 2020: ? See FIT’s plans and guidelines for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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Student Activity Board

Student Activity Board Group Photo 2020

The FIT Student Activities Board (SAB) exists in order to initiate and coordinate thought provoking, educational, social and cultural programming on a campuswide basis that will enhance the overall student experience outside of the classroom, while cultivating a strong student community. 

SAB Office: Dubinsky Student Center, Room A706
Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 5 pm
Instagram: @thefitsab
Website: sab.fitnyc.edu (coming soon!) 


Student Life Program Coordinator - Denise Delgado-Pesante 

Executive Committee

Faith Molinary, President 
Derek Anthony, Vice President 
Noelle DeCastro, Director of Finance 
Vacant, Director of Marketing 


Brittany Hoang, Social Media Manager
Audrey Sylvyana, Graphic Designer 


Kimberly Miller, Entertainment Chair
Stacey Charles, Wellness Chair
Anthony Uribe, Professional Development Chair
Ana Vindas Pastor, Cultural Chair
Vacant, Off Campus Chair 

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